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If you're looking for the old WI Extension site, you're in the right place; we've migrated our products. For ET and insolation, see Sun/Water; for degree days, see Thermal Models.

We offer these data so that growers and other stakeholders in our agricultural landscape can make informed decisions about management practices.

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We archive NWS HYD reports, daily weather summaries throughout Wisconsin 1995-present. Our automated weather stations, offer a continuous hourly record at Hancock and Arlington back to 1985. We integrate hourly observations at airports all over the Upper Midwest to provide gridded daily temperature data.


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Sun & Water

We use Space Science's insolation model to derive estimates of solar radiation from satellite imagery. Combined with atmospheric data from Unidata's Internet Data Distribution project, this allows us to calculate reference evapotranspiration via the Priestley-Taylor equation to derive soil moisture and inform irrigation decisions.

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Thermal Models

Using our database of temperatures gridded across the Midwest, we create degree-day style thermal models for a variety of purposes such as predicting pest emergence.

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