UW Extension Ag Weather

Hot and Cold

Thermal Models

Growth and development for many plants and insects is keyed to temperature. By calculating the history of daily temperatures over a season, we can predict pest emergence, crop development, and other events of keen interest in agriculture.

Degree-day plot

Generic Degree Day Calculator

This calculator allows you to input your location, method of calculation (e.g. Modified Sine B), and the appropriate biofix dates.

Degree-day table

New! Multiway Degree Day Calculator

Calculate degree days for multiple sets of parameters (i.e. method and temperatures) and up to 24 locations at once.

Alfalfa Weevil Larvae

Alfalfa Weevil Thermal Models

Degree-day map and information on weevil development.



Corn-Specific Thermal Models

Corn development model and specific degree-day models for corn pests.



Cranberry Development Thermal Model

Growing degree-day map for cranberry crop development.



Vegetable Disease & Insect Forecasting Network

Tool to predict vegetable disease and insect risk.


Seedcorn Maggot

Seedcorn Maggot

Degree day maps and models for this pest of soybean, corn, and vegetable crops



Potato Development

Potato P-Day map.



Tree Pests

We use a Base 50F degree-day model to predict the development of many tree pests.

In addition, we also provide results from the GMPHEN gypsy-moth phenology model.