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Weather Observations

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HYD Reports

We offer online access to NWS HYD reports -- daily weather summaries of temperature and precipitation by volunteer observers -- for hundreds of locations throughout Wisconsin going back to 1995. The reports are text files, one per day.

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Sun and Water

Automated Weather Observation Network

Since 1985, we have maintained automated weather stations at the Hancock and Arlington ag research stations. (Others were also operated in the 1980s-1990s.) They make hourly observations and daily averages for temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, and soil temperature.

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Temperature Map

Grid-Interpolated Daily Temperatures

Working from observations made by hundreds of automated weather stations across the Upper Midwest, our computer model interpolates the temperatures to form rectilinear grids by latitude and longitude for daily max, min, and average temperature.


Day-of-Year Calendar

Day-of-Year Calendar

Handy day-of-year calendar for any of the previous 50 and subsequent 50 years